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What is a motorcycle injury attorney? A real motorcycle injury attorney is a lawyer who rides, someone who understands the physics of riding, and who knows that riders are safer vehicle operators than most drivers. It takes this type of lawyer to understand and explain to a jury the scenario you were suddenly presented with and what went through your mind during the moments before impact, and how your decision and actions were the safest course of action despite ordinary peoples belief to the contrary.

It seems like common sense: you were on a bike; hire a motorcycle injury attorney. But all too often riders hire a general personal injury law firm or car accident lawyer, and although these other advocates may be competent in their practice they don't understand the dynamics of riding. They never took the motorcycle safety course. They don't have your understanding of motorcycle safety and physics and therefore they cannot effectively communicate your position to a jury in the light most favorable to you.

There are few real motorcycle accident attorneys who share your love of riding and can relate to you. Hire an attorney who rides and give yourself the best chance of winning your case while working with an attorney who relates to you and has a genuine passion to fight hard to win your case..

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