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After a Motorcycle Accident

Your immediate priority after a motorcycle accident is to get to the emergency room, whether by ambulance or by having a friend or family member take you. This is critical both to have a physician medically examine you and administer appropriate treatment, as well as for your legal case since you have a legal duty to mitigate your damages. Mitigating your damages means taking reasonable steps to heal and recovery.

The moment you are stable in the emergency department call a motorcycle injury attorney. You want your attorney to have an opportunity to make the first calls to witnesses and to survey the accident scene in its present condition. Most motorcycle injury attorneys will come to the emergency department to meet you if you so request. Although some view these attorneys as ambulance chasers, the reality is that they are doing a better job for their clients and obtaining better results. Once you have retained a motorcycle attorney, you know you are being protected in every respect and you relax and begin the healing process both physically and mentally.

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